In-Flight Entertainment

I was on an aeroplane. I was bored and the plane didn’t seem to be going anywhere. We had been grounded for at least 15 minutes and I began to eavesdrop on the girls behind me. One was explaining the fascinating details of air space control. She pointed out to each plane in the queue and demonstrated the pattern; one would take off, the next would land, another would take off, one would land and so forth.

I peered out the window and saw that she was right, and that by the gleaming lights I could make out a queue of aeroplanes circling in the sky, mirroring those on the tarmac. For fun, she predicted the type of plane that would land; Qantas, Virgin, Rex, Singapore Air.

Suddenly, the conversation turned lewd. I could not follow what was going on, but it became apparent that the girl was now showing off her new ipod touch and displaying its video playing capabilities. I caught a few words and a soundbyte, but thought I must have been mistaken. But no…there it was. A quiet moan, heavy breathing.

The girl goes on to explain the premise behind her favourite porn site.

Its called Broke Straight Boys. Stephen gave it to me, I downloaded the whole bunch. I just love it! Check this out…how good is it? So they give them fifty bucks to suck cock. Yeah! Cause they’re broke right? No….they’re all straight. Awesome huh? I just love it. I downloaded them all off Stephen. I just deleted all the Asians and skinny Germans.”

So I’ve pre-vetted the site for you all. Its pretty good. You have to pay for the good stuff but you get the picture from the previews!

Broke Straight Boys


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