Are Deadshits a Necessary Product of Society?

While there are many down on their luck kids who just need to be given a chance to improve their circumstances, there are also a great many youths who have no desire to do this. This group of youngsters could be suitably classified as ‘deadshits’, meaning that they have no interest in doing anything productive or making an active contribution to society.

This led me to reflect as to whether they do have any useful, though not immediately apparent, function. Having dated several deadshits in my time, I should be in a good position to comment.

Are they useful as a reflection of what one should not become, used as a motivating factor through newstainment such as Today Tonight? Do they aid oneself to boost self esteem, because through comparison you will always seem ambitious and successful? Would a decline in deadshits lead to an even more competitive job market and affect the distribution of wealth? Serious questions.

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, society is divided into a class system, enforced through genetically engineering babies with fixed levels of intelligence. Therefore the alphas do challenging, innovative work, while epsilons and omegas do all the menial, unskilled labour. The myth also expands to say that in an earlier societal model they created purely alphas, but the system collapsed as there were frequent arguments about governance and fighting over the menial work.

The key difference here is the epsilons are content in their low rank because its suits their low intelligence. However in the case of deadshits, instead of making a menial contribution they are actually leeching off the work of others, be it the dole, friends or family.

Therefore my conclusion is that deadshits should be put to some use, perhaps we could farm them for an alternative source of energy or something, therefore solving two of the world’s greatest problems at once.


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