Mystery Bus Debrief – Week 3

Mystery Bus Week 3 was an epic culmination of all our hard work so far. Three more fantastic events, each one quite different from the last and leaving us wanting more and more!

Mystery Night #5

Thursday 29 September

Thursday night was our East-meets-West chill-fest. Our favourite underground space was beautified, oriental style, with a big thanks to Mouna Stone for helping out on décor duty. The evening was a lovely mix of old and new, featuring live art by the amazing Claire and Mie Nakazawa accompanied by an instrumental jam session. Also on offer was origami making, sushi, tea, a documentary on Tokyo street art and a screening of Samurai Champloo.

The night was photographed by the ever-lovely Emma Franklin.

Mystery Night #6

Friday 3o September

Friday evening heralded our fastest-ever sell out night, the Mystery Bus XXX special. This was our opportunity to delve into the dirty underbelly of Sydney’s fetish scene. An apprehensive crowd was taken through a display of several perverted past-times and treated to a show and tell at Maxx Black for dessert.

Big thanks to our fearless photographer for the night, Emily Batts.

This night would not have been possible without the tremendous support of the Sydney Leather Pride Association.


Like a twisted school excursion – Erotic fiction readings on the bus

Mystery Night #7 – The Grand Finale!

Saturday 1 October

The grand finale was like stepping into a movie of whimsical times gone past! True speak-easy style; down a back alley, whispered password and watch out for the fuzz – then inside steaming hot jazz, flappers, gin and good old fashioned good times.

All photos of this night are copyright of David Haworth Photography. Full photo set can be found here.

Thanks to all who supported the wonderful beast that was Mystery Bus 2011! See you all again next year! xoxox


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