The Analogue Crusader

Check out this super cute little paper stylee animation about story-teller Alex Malwalski.

It gets especially wicked about halfway through, at about 5 minutes with an awesome musical thriller sequence.

The Red Room Company are a poetry organisation and program a marvelous pop up arts space in the Rocks. (A space dear to my heart, a magical heritage listed former puppet shop)

A short film created especially for The Red Room Company by Tasman Munro, The Analogue Crusader tells the story of Alex Malwalski, a travelling storyteller who struggles to preserve the analogue moments in his town. On his journey, he finds himself engulfed in a bizarre sonic carnival of words.

This work is the beautiful child of animator Tasman Munro and Sydney poets, Andy Quan, Eileen Chong, Judith Bishop and Toby Fitch.


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