November Weekend Gigs

I went to some killer events last weekend which I thought I should share;

First up Thursday night I caught Tijuana Cartel on at the Oxford Art Factory. This fine establishment hosts a range of live music and I am pleased to report that there was even a sweaty punk rock band in the space next door for free. This was my first Tijuana experience and I have to say I was impressed – the fusion of hip hop, dub & beats was totally danceable and a good teaser for the summer festival season ahead.

Check their stuff out:

Saturday I was lucky enough to score tickets to see Charles Walker and the Dynamites at the Basement. This explosive band from Dallas teamed up with Charles Walker with funktastic results. Mr Walker appeared in a glowing silver suit looking quite dapper and went crazy on stage! The dance floor was steamy and the crowd were loving it!

Check it:

Sunday I brunched at Glebe Street Fair, which was lovely. Plenty of funky stuff at reasonable prices and a gorgeous atmomsphere. Then the clouds rolled in and I went to experience Sculptures by the Sea in the rain. The installations were fantastic, in a spectacular setting as always. My favourite was the fleshy little blob creatures crawling up the coastline, entitled, ‘the Yearning’. There was also a wonderful piece on the beach by an acquaintance of mine, a gorgeous giant tortoise made from car tires. You could crawl under its belly and inside was decked out like a little old-timey beach hut! The exhibition is over now, so you’ll have to wait until next year to visit.



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