Umbrella Theatre does Subsonic Festival

Miss Reese Geronimo and I braved the peak hour traffic recently to perform at Subsonic Festival in Barrington Tops, a beautiful site near the Hunter Valley. Under the tall trees and by a river skirted with weeping willows, we set up the Umbrella Theatre to the delight of passing ravers.

I performed the new ‘Encounter with a Monster’, a puppetry piece about the boogey man, based on a poem by Kira Carpenter. It was a beautiful day and one doof-goer let me know that it was his favourite thing about the festival every time I encountered him over the course of the weekend. Very pleasing indeed!

Other highlights from the festival were the amazing Chali 2NA from Jurassic 5 and Hermitude on the main stage. There was also some fantastic belly dancing and burlesque, as well as some great dubstep and glitch djs catering to my dancing needs!

The cheerful Umbrella Theatre, amongst Subsonic festival goodness

Miss Reese Geronimo hosting the show

Billy and his teddy, Edward.

Thunderkat & Reese enjoying the sunshine


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