Amsterdam Graffiti


So I was in Amsterdam this one time and I met a boy in the hostel where I was staying, as you do. He’d brought his skateboard along and I was going to borrow some blades. We made plans to go skating together the next day.

That night he went off to do some graffiti, knowledgeably claiming that in Amsterdam they are so liberal that you can’t even get in trouble for that.

The next day he was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t find him at breakfast, nor in the hostel common area. I called and texted, no answer, I waited around for another hour or two before giving up and going off skating by myself.

Had a lovely time cruising through the Vondelpark, but still couldn’t find the boy.

Finally I received a text message that night, “Sorry, I didn’t reply because I was in jail. But it was ok because they gave me free coffee and let me go in time for my flight.”

He later missed his court appearance and can never go back to the Netherlands.




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