Sydney Circus Frenzy

Saw a bunch more shows this week.

At the risk of gushing endlessly about circus… hell, I’ll do it anyway. Get your ass down to see Circa Wunderkammer. Don’t worry about the faux German name – this Aussie circus troupe from Brisvegas don’t need a pretentious name to prop them up. The show is technically fantastic and a marvellous watch for any theatre-goer, circus afficiondo or not. The acrobatics are gut wrenching yet original, the choreography at times funny, but also deeply beautiful. The lighting and design also looks fantastic and the music is wicked too. The promo vid really gives you a taste of how excellent this show is.

I also managed to catch the preview of La Soiree. Another pretentious name, another great show. A diverse cast of German, American, Australian, English and Canadian artists (none French, as far as I could tell) this melting pot of sexy circus, clowning and cabaret is a bit of naughty fun for young and old alike.

Basically a revamp of La Clique, this is an clever, tight and accessible cabaret done right. There’s a reason why La Clique has sold out over and over again in Sydney and kicked around at the Roundhouse in London for years. La Soiree will be no exception!

It also features La Clique’s infamous David ‘Bath Boy’ O’Mer. Oh my!

Finally I made it to the late show of Sydney Festival’s L’Effet De Serge. What is it with all the faux French?? Just kidding, this actually is a French show, though performed in English with a charming accent and enunciation that makes us all go “awww.”

Very hard to describe, I shall nonetheless make an attempt; at best it was interesting, charming and humorous, at worst tedious and indulgent. Neutral descriptors would include ‘slow paced’, self aware and absurd.

Serge lives alone in his apartment and does a two to three minute performance for his friends at 6pm every Sunday. Time passes in between. He orders pizza and the carpet isn’t fixed to the floor yet, so he can sit under there if he wishes. The show begins with the end of the last show, which was our protagonist inexplicably dressed as an astronaut.




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