La Traviata on Sydney Harbour

Like nothing else you have ever seen before, La Traviata is an exquisite floating opera cradled in Farm Cove. The iconic Sydney skyline complete with Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Botanic Gardens and skyscrapers loom across the black water, highlighted by a giant, shimmering floating chandelier.

I was lucky enough to sit in on the dress rehearsal, thanks to a friend who is working as a dresser in the sunken backstage area below the stage. This Opera Australia production is visually sumptuous, and a must for any opera aficionado looking for something special and new. Even the music seems clear and beautiful, despite the acoustic challenges of the windy open air environment.

If you are not accustomed to opera, I must warn you, La Traviata does suffer from opera’s traditional flaws. It is VERY LONG, and drags on at times, with a ridiculous story line and silly characters. Cast this usual handicap aside and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. One other thing, best to learn from my mistakes and pack a blanket…

My photos do not do this epic masterpiece justice, so below I have shared some images from the Sydney Morning Herald, who have some fabulous shots.


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