Upcoming Excitments

Work, work, so many different kinds of work to be done!

At the moment I’m focusing on a few different exciting projects;

Upcoming Gigs

Firstly, I have a couple of upcoming gigs. This weekend I’ll be performing in my puppet show ‘Encounter with a Monster’  with Umbrella Theatre at the Winter Magic Festival.

Saturday 23 June 12.15, The Civic Place (in front of the library)

Katoomba Street, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

I’m also working on the development of a new interactive installation for the upcoming burlesque show ‘Harry Potter and the Curse of the Tassel Twirl’ at the Standard on Sunday 22 July 2012. The idea is ‘Dobby’s Punishment Parlour’, where you will get to see Dobby’s naughty side…

The Standard, Level 3, 383 Bourke Street, Sydney

Another very exciting project, planning my upcoming holiday to the USA and…

More Carrot – Burning Man

I’m helping out coordinating the logistics and comms for the More Carrot theme camp at this year’s Burning Man. This is super exciting as it is surely the most amazing festival in the world, one that I have always wanted to attend, and will be privileged enough to do so this year!

What’s our schtick? Black Rock City Farmer’s Market – a market held daily to bring fresh fruit and veggies as a gift to the dusty city. We also band together annually in the Countless Carrots March, a protest and stand against bunny brutality and inequality in the city.  Join us!

Like us on Facebook for the hot gossip, and like the French Quarter while you’re at it, the village in which we’ll be located this year.


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