Umbrella Theatre at the Rocks Village Bizarre

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, a sea breeze can be smelt on the wind and the sun is beaming away.

I’ll be involved in the Rocks Village Bizarre again this year, and the program is looking more exciting than ever!


This year on Friday nights in November and December, the Rocks will be transformed into a fairy light clad of historic sandstone alleys, lit up with free hula hooping lessons, meat carving and storytelling, and a rabbits-only bar. Most of the events are free and the atmosphere is romantic and magical.

Their promo video is gorgeous!

Of course, Umbrella Theatre’s pop up puppet theatre will be a part of the fun. We’ll be there on Fridays in November, with shows happening every 15 minutes between 6.30-9.30pm. Do come and visit, we’ll be showcasing a different puppet show from our repertoire every night.


Tequila Worms – Friday 2 November

A psychedelic, peyote fuelled journey – debut performance

Captain, My Captain – Friday 16 November

The dream-like experience of a rum soaked captain who goes down with his ship.

Encounter with a Monster & Old Mate – Friday 23 November

A dark fairy tale about a monster under the bed, based on a poem by Kira Carpenter. Old Mate will also be roving about the Rocks, spare him a cigarette or some change, if you can.

Save Me – Friday 30 November

A choose your own adventure tale of misfortune.

Full program of events here.

Or keep an eye on our Facebook page for details!


3 responses

  1. Hey i see that you know all about the white rabbit bar, im actually in that video wearing the leopard shorts and the orange shirt hahaha… strangely enough i havent been there yet but i will next week, i might stop by and watch your puppet show too!

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