Rocks Village Bizarre Rocks

‘Encounter With A Monster’ will be featuring this Friday night at the Rocks Village Bizarre. I have adapted this poem by Kira Carpenter into a little puppet show which will delight adults and frighten the little ones! I’ll be performing every 15 minutes from 6.45-9.45pm on Arthuden St, for free! Old Mate is also going to make an appearance, keep an eye out for him out the front of the pub or at the bus stop. Sit down for a yarn, you might learn something.

The Rocks Village Bizarre is an all round treat, while your here you can also grab a treat from the markets, be serenaded by roving poets, explore the Cabinet of Curiosities or hang out in the ‘rabbits only’ bar.

They’ve also done a couple of great promos of the weeks so far! Look hard and you can catch a glimpse of our very own Umbrella Theatre with Natalia and Alicia performing in the brand new show, Tequila Worms!

A big thanks to Victor Muruet who took some great snaps of our beautiful hostess, Matina, over the past couple of weeks.


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