A different kind of life drawing..

Went to an amazing session of ‘Fat Life Drawing’ at Harvest Festival Sydney.

For those who dared enter the snuff box, there was a very surreal session of life drawing with larger ladies, with even larger lady parts. Disturbing commentary encouraging us to “caress the labial folds with our crayons” and “not neglect the detail of the vulva” added to the atmosphere as a dance track cranked in the background.


I was quite pleased with my creations, and it was a nice diversion from the sun!

The team behind the concept were the extreme performance installation collective, the Glitter Militia. Known for their outrageous mix of music, sex and underground arts, these guys have appeared at the Rocks Village Bizarre, Harvest Festival, the Gay Mardi Gras and Peats Ridge. They describe themselves as an amorphous body of interdisciplinary artists, and I would add that a lot of the work also involves the amorphous bodies of interdisciplinary artists. Good fun.

glitter militia life drawing


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