Thunderkat & Geronimo get Subsoniced

Geronimo and myself went on an adventure to the doof-tastic Subsonic Festival last weekend to add a bit of artsy burlesque to the wob wob wob. We dodged the cows on the road, swam in the river, had our bedding soaked by the rain and ate cookies and tuna for dinner. It was awesome.

First up was our saucy banana split routine, for an audience of surprised twilight trippers at the Latoosh stage.

banana split

thunderkat geronimo

Next was something a bit different, a burlesque/dj collaboration on the Chapel Perilous stage. We worked with Sydney Dj and producer Wodger Want to create a rabbit inspired experience of samples, visuals and dark burlesque. We funkifed and extended our rabbit routine and hit the dance floor to the delight (and possibly horror) of a dome full of confused ravers.

This is me going ape shit in the Chapel Perilous Dome. I spent ages sewing glo sticks into my bra, but in the end I think it was worth it!

glo stick bra corset

Themed visuals, lights and samples enhanced the overall experience.

rabbit burlesque subsonic festival

Crowd reaction. Bamboozled!

P1000286You don’t want to know!

rabbit burlesque gimp

A special thanks goes to our roadie, tour manager and general party associate, Giles. (Pictures courtesy of Giles)


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