SMAC the Mystery Bus

Yes, its official.

Our Sydney Fringe Festival event series, Mystery Bus, has been nominated for a SMAC award!

We are so very thrilled to be in the running for the absolute hippest award in town. And to be on the guest list for one hell of a party!

The Sydney Arts, Music and Culture Awards are a recognition of local Sydney culture makers who innovate, create and celebrate the city. The Mystery Bus was an incredible project that I’ve been co-producing for a couple of years. A tripped out city bus takes unsuspecting punters to weird and wonderful underground venues for a delightfully eclectic mix of film, antiques, carnies and carnage. In my opinion, the event photos alone are worth and award!

We’re listed against some tough competition (and worthy opponents) in the ‘Remix the City’ category (I told you it was hip).

Vote Mystery Bus #1. Get clicking!


Mystery Bus Video




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