Sydney Festival Reviews


Last night I saw Frank Woodley’s new show Inside at the Spiegeltent, and is a work of genius! It was such a marvelous mixture of humour, absurdity and character. We cackled the whole way through, but there’s also a weird existential underlying twist, as the Russian prisoners contemplate the outside world without knowledge of it or a chance of reaching it. In many ways it was like a more entertaining version of Waiting for Godot. All the comedy and thoughtfulness without the frustration and boredom. Plus acrobatic tricks and a few cutesy touches!

I can not recommend this enough – so much fun!

Waste Not

Song Dong’s visual arts installation Waste Not is definitely worth a visit, showing free in the Carriageworks foyer. In a meticulous and awe inspiring collection, Song Dong categories and displays the contents of his mother’s house. The enormous collection of junk has an immense gravity, and was collected by his mother as she became a hoarder, following the death of her husband.

The time lapse of the installation gives you an idea of just the sheer scale of the operation.

Ligeti Morphed

For something different, I also attended Ligeti Morphed with a musicologist friend. The place was sold out, choc a block full of funky music nerds ready for some classical experimentation. I’ve seen some the Offspring Ensemble’s work before and regardless of the sonic experience, they are always very interesting both conceptually and to watch.

This will give you an idea:



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