Nude Dining and Dancing at Peat’s Ridge Festival

We’re reaching the end of January 2013 and after being back at work for a few weeks it already feels like and age away! However, please permit me to cast my mind back to a most memorable New Year’s!

Old Mate was not the only Thunderkat creation to make an appearance at Peat’s Ridge Festival.

I was also coerced (through trickery) into hosting Nude Dining.

Me getting a bit of attention on the Peats Ridge page

Me getting a bit of attention from Peats Ridge Festival photographers

The whole affair was pretty spesh. After the stage was bum rushed by eager participants, myself and co-pilots Giles and Geronimo took the reigns to provide some music and commentary for what has since been dubbed ‘the nude dining experience.’

Yes it is exactly what you are thinking! Some of the tastiest crepes and beverages in town provided by the fabulous Latoosh kitchen team, served up hot to an all nude collection of diners. All shapes and sizes were welcome and with some singalongs, a cheeky saying of Grace and games the restaurant quickly turned into a party.

It ended all smiles and laughter and so there was a decision made to try to pull together a bigger event the following night. And it happened in a big way. Several hundred people joined together for a New Year’s Eve, midnight nude disco. Fun tunes, dancing and freedom to bring in the New Year!

We got an amazing write up from an Everguide journo, who says, “If you’ve never danced naked with another hundred people you haven’t lived. It was literally the most fun I had all festival.” He even missed his favourite band on account of the distraction!

Read it in full here.

We’ve since received so much positive feedback and are delighted to have shared the experience with you all out there!

Image: Vulture Magazine


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