Umbrella showreel shoot

What a huge day!

After packing the wheelie bin, steel supports, red velvet, puppets, snacks, gimp mask, teddy bear, torches, model train, skeleton, donkey whip and octopus into the car I was off to Botany Bay. The fantastic Dan loaned us use of the Lairhouse which was to be our studio for the day. Yes folks, Umbrella Theatre will be producing archival video footage of all six of our shows.

The careful observer will note Old Mate directing from the far left

We started out by taking advantage of the fine weather and decrepit laneway, and letting Old Mate loose. This dirty old man puppet also tried to take advantage of the camera man, but I think he rather enjoyed it!

Then onto some underwater love in the studio with Sam & Aesha’s beautiful sea shanty Captain, My Captain. I stood in for Sam since she is currently living it up on a puppetry tour of the USA, and sending her well wishes from Austin, Texas!

Theatre blues are more effective under water!

Once again Lairhouse provided us with some perfect location visuals for Dobby’s Punishment Parlour, with its very own, slightly disturbing stairway to nowhere. We negotiated the broken glass and tetanus to get some great shots down there with our obliging victim Dan!

Powering on we smashed out 3 more shows and the beautiful Matina did a snazzy showbiz introduction for us.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved, from meeting, scheduling, fixing, rehearsing, packing and planning it was a helluva a job up until now.  Then shooting on Sunday for a steady 9 hours. I hope you’ve enjoyed the little behind the scenes sneak peak – can’t wait to share a little sampler of the footage with you all soon!


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