Pine St Press & Jurassic Fun!

A few little morsels of puppety goodness for you. First of all, a nice little write up appeared in Mx Magazine about tomorrow’s gig at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre. Come along and start your Friday night the interesting way! Its a stone’s throw away from such fine establishments as the Rose Hotel and Freda’s.

mx umbrella theatre pine st

Friday 5 April 2013

6.30-9.30pm Pine Street Creative Arts Centre

Smart Art Mini Festival Launch

Umbrella brings you ‘Save Me’, a choose your own adventure puppet tragedy.

In other news I am pleased to announce that we are a late addition to next Tuesday’s Jurassic Lounge program. The theme is ‘black magic’ and sure to titillate, with Battle Burlesque, evil comedy and dark magicians. All in the spectacularly creepy setting of the Australian Museum, full to the brim with dinosaur bones, stuffed birds and skeletons.

Umbrella Theatre will be bringing you a new artistic treat – the Global Voodoo Fondue Party! Make your own edible voodoo doll and ceremoniously drown it, bite it & rip off its limbs, all under the guidance of your very own voodoo high priestess. Should be so much fun!

Tuesday 9 April 2013

5.30-9.30pm Australian Museum

Jurassic Lounge

Umbrella brings you the Global Voodoo Fondue Party – tasty revenge



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