Voodoo Fondue Party at Jurassic Lounge

We were lucky to be special guests at Jurassic Lounge for their Black Magic night on Tuesday.

voodoo fondue party

As High Priestess Mojo we presented a Voodoo Fondue party. Couldn’t have done it without the help of Gino & Geronimo, who played evil voodoo monkey and priestess for the night.

voodoo bride jurassic

Hundreds of curious people came through the Australian Museum, creating their own edible voodoo dolls and participating in rituals behind the mysterious curtain of the Umbrella Theatre.

edible voodoo doll

Who knows what unspeakable acts took place inside? Sacrificial chocolate dunkings? The ripping of limbs? Cleansing with a primal scream? The Voodoo Fondue party was a truly unique experience!

Check us out on the Jurassic Lounge Instagram


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