Snake Darts

On a trip to windy Wellington in New Zealand I was introduced to a local drinking game, called ‘snake darts’. It was indisputably the most epic drinking game I have ever encountered, and I was so impressed I decided to introduce it to the people of Australia.

The game begins with a covered pool table or board, with two opponents, one on either side. Each person has three cans of beer on their end. They shake up just one, and then mix the cans around so their opponent cannot tell which one has been shaken. All three are placed in a row.

painting jesus board

In my typical style, I decided to over engineer the whole thing from the start. I spent weeks creating an artwork for the board base. Using acrylics I painstakingly painted over-sized portraits of Jesus and the devil. They represented ‘good’ and ‘evil’ for the two sides of the board. I used a layer of lacquer over the portraits in an attempt to protect them during use.

painting devil board

Finally each opponent is given a table tennis paddle, and a dart. They take turns throwing the dart at each others’ beer cans, while the defender is able to protect the cans with the table tennis paddle. If perchance the dart pierces the beer can, the defender must drink everything through the hole, down to the level it sits at. You’re objective is to pierce all cans at the bottom, therefore forcing your opponent to drink everything. The shaken up cans make for a hilarious twist! Fun times.

good evil jesus devil


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