Vivid Ideas Launch

Last week I was lucky enough to be flick-passed an invite to the Vivid Ideas program launch, which was surely the most fashionable event in Surry Hills that night. I put on my glasses in an attempt to look more intelligent, and tried to eat as many canapes as possible (which were exquisite). I nodded politely whilst viewing 3D models cells, gossiped venomously to my colleagues, and admired, from a distance, the incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and hip Festival Director Jess Scully.

In seriousness, the program looks fantastic. You could spend an hour delving through the diverse and fascinating program.

Here’s my top pick.

Make data beautiful

Data visualisation is so hot right now. Get in on it.

A Celebration of the Art of Story: The Launch of This Place is Yours

Six storytellers come together to share their experiences on how they tell stories through their chosen mediums, and how this is fundamental to being a human.

Digital City 1: We Blog the City

The one and only Vanessa Berry and Louise Hawson come together to show you how they have gotten under the very skin of Sydney, in their own creative, fun and potentially obsessive ways.

The Incredibly Short Film Festival

Finally Toby K has a use for his time lapse videos.



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