July Theatre Reviews: From politics to police drama

I’ve been a busy little bee seeing theatre up and down the coast for the last few weeks. Though its statistically unlikely, everything I have seen has been fantastic! What a talented & innovative theatre community we have here.

Bingo Unit

I can’t even explain. So instead I just harassed numerous bystanders until they finally agreed to attend. Part backlot tour, part video work, part live installation, this hilarious crime/comedy/drama was so much freaking fun. Team Mess have delivered once again, tricking arty theatre types (and funding bodies) into having silly fun during this Performance Space season.

Star Project  

A work in progress by the compelling mixed abilities ensemble at IPAC. Although not a fully fledged show yet, the development felt well rounded and polished. The showing left me feeling moved, sad and contemplative. I can’t wait to see the next stage in their progress.

The Hansard Monologues

The good, the bad and the ugly, some of the parliamentary speeches made over the past few years have been incredibly powerful. In the wake of an election, there is no better time to sit and review the ups and downs of the last government’s surprisingly productive term as a hung parliament. A simple format but a very provocative piece that catalyzed intense discussion immediately following the show.

Angels in America

An incredible production of an incredible play. The dialogue, wit, visual metaphors, heightened emotion, humour and intensity had me coiled up in a ball of tension by each interval. Shown in two wonderful parts the total of seven hours rushes by as you are totally engulfed in good quality drama. Each member of the cast does this fantastic play justice, with a range of engaging performances and quirky characters parading across the stage; drag queens, rabbis, doctors, Mormons and of course, angels. Belvoir has really delivered. I can’t recommend this highly enough.


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