Museum of Our Futures Past

Don’t miss this exciting exhibition from our lovely friends at Erth – the Museum of our Futures Past. This time they are collaborating with the Central Coast based arts organisation, Art Central.

The work fuses museum style antiquities and fine artworks created by 21 artists from the Central Coast.

And all around the amazing theme of dugongs! How cool is that? The exhibition even features an incredible, life size sea cow puppet.

Not something you see every day.

The exhibition was directed and produced by the multi-talented Aesha Henderson. She’s a creative at Erth, Umbrella Theatre and an artist in her own right.

The team are busily bumping in now as the exhibition moves to the gorgeous seaside community at the Entrance tomorrow.

The launch party opens: 16 Aug, 4-8pm

Exhibition: 17 Aug, 11am – 3pm & 4pm-8pm

Venue: Studio Scribbly, Shop 3/96 The Entrance Road, The Entrance


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