Spring gigs coming up!

Tis the season. The weather’s warming up and I will be appearing at lots of festivals, events and installations before we see the year out!

Friday 13 September

First up, our favourite puppets, Old Mate, Dobby and a few other culprits will appear in a multimedia installation by Tolmie Rogue Simian as part of the Night Garden. The Night Garden is always a real treat with dozens of talented light, sound and visual installation artists creating a street party playground along Hutchinson Street from Tortuga to Index Gallery.

Sunday 15 September

A new experimental performance night, On The Edge, will launch this Sunday at a new Inner West studio space dedicated to radical thinking and experimentation. There’ll be a diverse range of experiences and performances, plus a puppet or two, of course!

Friday 20 September

I’ll be hosting the Emerald City variety night for the Sydney Fringe Festival. The Seymour Centre forecourt looks simply lovely draped with green crystals and fairy lights hanging from the trees. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the program, come along from 6pm and you can sample a range of fringe festivally goodness.

11-13 October

Word Travels Festival will bring you three days of live literary mayhem. Australia’s first spoken word festival, there will be workshops, panels, spoken word walking tours, a poetry bordello and of course the Australian Poetry Slam. I’ll be buzzing about behind the scenes helping to make it all happen!

Tuesday 22 October

Umbrella Theatre present ‘Jurassic Therapy’ at Jurassic Lounge. Always guaranteed to be live, interactive fun, we have a range of therapies to help you with your troubles. Expect prehistoric prescriptions, massages and laugh workshops.

Tuesday 5 November

Extinction night at Jurassic Lounge and Umbrella Theatre will bring you our classic choose your own adventure tale – Save Me.

We also have an exciting residency lined up for November-December but its all hush hush for now! More details coming soon!


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