Jurassic Lounge Becomes Extinct!








Yeoow! With great sadness, and yet also with great zest, we will be fare-welling Jurassic Lounge TONIGHT. After several fabulous years performing as freaks amongst the dinosaur bones at this iconic event, extinction has caught up with us.

We are honoured to be performing our puppet parable ‘Save Me’ at the LAST EVER Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum.

Jurassic Lounge

6.00pm Tuesday 5 November.

Australian Museum

We had a lot of fun at last month’s event hosting Jurassic Therapy. Old Mate donned a lab coat and posed as a quack, offering shonky treatments, cut price drugs and free breast examinations. Gorgeous hosts Matina & Sam also conducted regular laugh therapy sessions, proven to increase your fertility by 63%. Good fun.

We also featured in the Inner West Courier, Old Mate surrounded by babes as usual.

Source: News Limited


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