Dili Debrief #1: Dili Folk Club

Down a dark street by the seaside in the tumultuous town of Dili, on the island of Timor Leste, there is a warm little haven in a fairy lit living room.
Come Thursday evening, the room fills with diplomats, Timorese musicians, Australian expats and neighbors. There is wine, snacks and laughter. This is Dili Folk Club.

I was lucky enough to share my art with this appreciative crowd for the June Folk Club. I performed Encounter with A Monster on table top, in between the sink and stove for the wide eyed watchers on the floor.

Puppetry at Dili Folk Club, Timor Leste

Dili Folk Club folk

Particularly special for me was the sumptuous collection of local artists, who regaled us with bush poetry, traditional local songs and contemporary covers. There was some beautiful talent that I feel very lucky to have seen up close and personal.

Dili folk club has also had several well known artists visit in the past, including performance poet Candy Royalle and Marrickville’s own CJ Shaw.

Visiting Timor Leste? Dili Folk Club won’t be in the Lonely Planet but you can seek an invitation here.


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