Young Henry’s Sunny Saturday

I was delighted to be resident puppeteer last Saturday at Young Henry’s inaugural Small World Festival. The sun was shining, the gin and tonics were flowing, and native flower bedecked the table settings. Children frolicked amongst fashionable food stalls. Street artists painted while we watched. The music was fun and cheerful, with a parade of showmen gracing the stage. True Vibenation easily took the cake, with matching outfits, synchronized dance moves and a human drum machine earning them top points.

young henrys small world

Admittedly it was a well dressed bunch, and I received a few odd/confused looks as I waltzed through the crowd in my derro outfit and squatted in the gutter to rummage around in my loser bag. (That’s what we call those cheap blue, white and red striped plastic bags). However all was forgiven when who should emerge from the bag but Old Mate, everyone’s favourite talkative trouble maker!

young henrys puppet

His mission was to entertain young and old alike with his fantastic tales, cheer the little ones with his pet pooch and show off his pouch of treasures. (It is with great sadness that I must announce the pouch of genuine treasures was lost on this fateful day.)

Diabolique puppetPhoto: Diabolique

A lovely group of people accosted me and we had a great time exchanging dad jokes. Then they claimed insistently they weren’t hipsters, while moments later taking a Polaroid of Old Mate. The contradiction was palpable.

young henrys polaroid Young Henry’s couldn’t have been blessed with a nicer day or a nicer crowd for their very first festival.  Congratulations to the gang!


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