Psyfari Debrief #2 – Kandy Farm Debut

We created a fun new installation for Psyfari festival which was very silly indeed.

Farmer Reese and Shani

Within a white picket fence, amidst hay bales and with a coincidentally good view of the main live music stage, we set up our little farm. Based on a children’s Kindy Farm, we recreated the concept for ravers with human type animals dressed up. Given free reign, our animals chose to be a pig, leopard, bear and goat. As expected, we also has a few punters spontaneously join us along the way and gained a giraffe or two.

Psyfari live music stage

Farmer Shani & Farmer Reese had plenty of Kandy on hand so that you could feed our friendly animals too! If you were gentle and didn’t make any loud noises or sudden movements, they would let you pat them too!

Kandy Farm Psyfari

All in all the response was great. One memorable comment from another festival organiser; “Did anyone hear about/see the domintrix shephard in the pig pen at the second stage at some point on Saturday? … Top dawgie dawg, gold medal shit!”



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