Gruesome Playground Injuries & School Holidays

Its school holidays and that means its time for FUN KIDS STUFF!

Pete the Sheep

If you like children’s theatre and are looking for a fun day out with the little ones, I highly, highly recommend Pete the Sheep. With a fantastic cast, show tunes style music and more sheep puns that you can poke your shears at, its probably the best kids show I’ve ever seen.

You can find out more information HERE.

It plays at Parramatta Riverside 27-30 October.

Sydney Opera House Creative Play

Everybody loves Lego. I’m no except and enjoy the odd giant Lego sculpture of the Colosseum, pyramids etc. But for an entirely new Lego experience head down to the Opera House during the holidays for a really cool free interactive Lego installation. Designed to encourage free-form creative expression, kids (and adults) are able to build on Lego people. These are humans wearing suits made from Lego plates that allow you to build on their arms, legs and even heads. Because of the unorthodox set up it is difficult to build traditional structures such as houses so you are forced into thinking laterally and collaborating with the live Lego canvas.

There’s a big count down on the wall behind, so make sure you stick around for the surprise once the timer gets down to zero. Its worth the wait.

10am-4pm daily until 4 October


Lego people at Sydney Opera House

Gruesome Playground Injuries

So where is the violence I promised you?

Gruesome Playground Injuries is an interesting play that has been playing at the Tap Gallery. The stories follows two friends who intermittently meet one another in the hospital following various mishaps, at intervals of several years. It was an original structure and driver for the plot which kept the audience engaged and interested. The time periods were also non linear and the actors did a fantastic job of quickly portraying the characters at different ages and stages of their life with little need for any clunky expositions. The design was minimalist but effective and the whole story was carried on the strength of the actor’s performances and the tight direction. This was not a play full of boring introspection, it was at all  times concerned with lively drama, character exploration and story telling. All in all it was a fun and genuinely

Unfortunately the show had only a short run and closed yesterday. However the company, King’s Collective are new players on the block and will be worth keeping an eye on. Their debut season is an ambitious triptych of plays, dubbed ‘Lepidoptera: An Exploration of Youth.’ The season is part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and features three works by well known American playwrights.



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