Guys, guys guys! I’ve been getting all around Sydney and seeing everything I can!

But I’ve received feedback that you don’t want to know about all the awesome stuff you’ve missed, you want upcoming dates for your social calendar. Duh!

So this is what’s gonna be red hot in the next couple of weeks.

Candy Royalle & Sloppy Joe

Candy Royalle is a spoken word force of nature, and appears on the stage in a spiked crown like a Mesopotamian queen. This mishmash of powerful performances through spoken word, music, soundscapes, funk, politics and burlesque is a guaranteed sensory experience which will leave you awed and energized. At times angry, frivolous, joyous and melancholy the show is very raw and emotional, taking you on a real journey.

Arrive early to ensure you see the support acts. Lorin & Eunice are two of the most talented and most adorable spoken word artists in this town.

I saw this last week and loved every minute of it. With tour dates around Australia they are bound to only get tighter, louder and more energetic.

See them TONIGHT! In Sydney, or check the website for other tour dates.

Bangarra’s 25th Birthday

The nation’s treasured dance company is turning 25, and are celebrating with a free concert this Sunday! On the Opera House Forecourt at dusk, with Sydney Harbour as a backdrop this promises to be a magical evening. Bangarra touched me with their spirit, power and grace with their last two productions, Patyegarang and Blak. This is certain to do the same. Now they are back from an extensive Australian tour to demonstrate the breadth of their work in this retrospect. They will also be joined by the beloved Deborah Mailman & Christina Anu. Also free!

The event is part of Corroboree Sydney, which finishes on Sunday. There’s loads of interesting events around the city to check out over the weekend. Check their site for full details.

The Follies of the Foolstool Phantom

Its fun! Its silly! Its free! AN unbeatable combination.  This ridiculous puppet show is on every Friday night until Christmas and runs every 15mins from 6.30-10pm. Just wait outside the vacant shopfront next door to the Museum of Contemporary Art on George Street in the Rocks and your spooky host will lead you inside.

There’s a bit of decapitation and some cannibalism, but its very funny and okay for the kids. There’s songs, and puppets and fantastic design! I saw it last week and loved every minute.

You can make a whole night out of it as the Village Bizarre is on and there are pop up markets and loads of free entertainment, including movement artists in shopfronts such as our very own disco diva Natalia Ladyko in ugg boots, a light installation in an alley way, musicians, burlesque and a giant inflatable bunny rabbit. Not to be missed.

More info.

follies of the foolstool phantom

Carlos Andres Gomez

Carlos Andres Gomez is visiting our golden shores only briefly, and Byron & Sydney are the two lucky towns to see him. We folks at Word Travels will be hosting him at the very pretty Sydney Dance Lounge where he will perform a full spoken word set alongside another special guest.

Carlos is a New York based artist of remarkable caliber. You need only watch a few of his videos to come to this conclusion yourself. One of my favourites is his unusual collaboration with Savion Glover!! (If you don’t know who this is – he’s the world’s most famous tap dancer & choreographed Happy Feet)

“Gómez’s performance is part classic artiste and part lyrical prophet. Think Keats, meets Bob Marley meets Tupac Shakur.”
–Searlina Bodden, Caymanian Compass (Cayman Islands)

Carlos is a true rockstar poet. He has appeared in HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry, in Spike Lee’s movie Inside Man, Tedx, the UN and NPR. He has headlined festivals all over the world, including Indonesia, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Canada, the U.K.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, he’s a megababe!!


Carlos plays Sydney Monday 8 December, bookings essential.



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