Ethical Gifts – My Pick

So Christmas is just around the corner…gasp!!!

Instead of buying your family a bunch of obligatory junk this year, why not consider at least buying some ethical or politically conscious gifts? You can delight your family and help the word at the same time.


Bundarra stock cool leggings and awesome bags! Better yet, they are all depict original artwork designed by indigenous artisans. And they are Aussie made up in Brisvegas. The patterns are creative and vibrant, and the leggings will make awesome doof pants for those of you who are so inclined. Or a unique gift for your cousins overseas.


Made in Peace

Made in Peace is an interesting collaboration between Israeli and Palestinian artisans to promote peace and raise funds for social enterprises on the West Bank. These guys have just launched their website so they need your support! They sell a range of awesome gifts, from organisations such as a shelter in a refugee camp, a Palestinian brewery and  even the Banksy Store (There are a number of well known pieces by Banksy on the separation wall). My pick would be the utterly gorgeous Israeli designed, Palestinian woven dresses.

Naema black dress made in peace

Oz Harvest

Oz Harvest are a fantastic organization who feed the homeless with the perfectly good food others throw away. Sourced from restaurants, law firms and cafes from around the city, the food is as good as it gets.

They also promote more sustainable living through several educational initiatives to reduce food waste in ordinary households. One such initiative is this cookbook, designed to get you thinking creatively about innovative recipes for leftovers, with examples from a host of celebrity chefs. Each book purchase helps deliver 120 meals to the hungry.

I just got one for my Mum and already had a sneak peak! Whipped myself up a quickie tonight in fact. Saved some old bread and a lonely tomato by toasting it up and topping it with sardines from a can. The marinate was the killer, as the combo of vinegar, pepper, garlic, lemon zest and chilli packed a gourmet punch.


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