Higgledy Piggledy Golden Goddesses @Subsonic

Admittedly I have been a bit lax due to the usual end of year chaos! But I now promise you I shall be catching up with updates, pictures and videos from December’s antics.

The festival season was well and truly upon us, with Geronimo and myself bring the epic doof, Subsonic Festival a healthy dose of higgledy piggledy burlesque. Why do we call it ‘higgledy piggledy’?

I feel this captures the particularly dodgy and cobbled together cabaret style we bring to festivals. Without the aid of mirrors, showers, sound techs, lighting or staging, being a bit higgledy piggledy aint a bad thing. We probably reached a new high (or low) this time. We were lacking a gold top as part of our costume ensemble, which I’ll admit was due to some poor planning on my part. Fortunately my 8am trip to the Wynyard station mall the morning of the festy yeilded good results. I had started to panic a little when I found both party shops were closed, but then desperately searched a homewares shop and struck gold, literally.

Not only could these be fashioned into half decent golden boob tubes, but they were also on sale, YAY! I did some last minute modifications in the afternoon sun once we reached the campsite.

From this…

To this…TA DA!

We should make our own illicit Martha Stewart show..although she was a bit illicit in her own way I suppose.

Once our thin veneer of glamour was applied, we swanned gracefully into the festival as heads turned our way. Mesmerized doofers followed us to watch our late night set with the dreamy ambient sounds of Golden Orb.

Stay tuned for more tales of cushion covers and sequins.

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