AI phone creates Subsonic Video

My new phone is even more intelligent than me these days, so it made this video on its own through no suggestion from myself. My main tweak was to select its pre-set ‘festival’ mode, whatever that means! Its not the most masterful editing and will probably never feature on Rage, but not bad for zero effort.

The video is from our golden Isis wings performance at Subsonic Festival in December last year. (I had planned to edit together something better, but then a I realised I don’t know how, and also am too lazy to try.) Original music (not featured in the video) was by the fantastic Golden Orb

Is the word ‘video’ destined to disappear from the modern vocabulary? Perhaps I should call this a ‘doofcast’ or something cleverer. Aw, who am I kidding? Let’s stick with video, even if my little sister doesn’t know what they are.



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