Next Gigs! Secret Garden & the Last Resort

Upcoming Gigs

Hopefully you already have tickets to the legendary Secret Garden Festival this weekend, because it is well and truly sold out! If you are traipsing around in your animal onesie / stripey pajamas and you catch me on one of the performance stages be sure to come over and say “oh hai!”

Secret Garden Festival

burlesque / puppetry / weird stuff

28 February / various stages / all day


secret garden

For the cheapskates, this one is free, free and conveniently at the Sly Fox on Enmore Road. This is an Entropico party with NO lock outs, NO limits and NO cheese. Entropico parties always go all the way so come prepared for a late one!


Bad Deep: The Last Resort

burlesque / go go dancing

13 March 2015 / 8pm

Sly Fox Hotel /199 Enmore Rd, Sydney


entropico party





AI phone creates Subsonic Video

My new phone is even more intelligent than me these days, so it made this video on its own through no suggestion from myself. My main tweak was to select its pre-set ‘festival’ mode, whatever that means! Its not the most masterful editing and will probably never feature on Rage, but not bad for zero effort.

The video is from our golden Isis wings performance at Subsonic Festival in December last year. (I had planned to edit together something better, but then a I realised I don’t know how, and also am too lazy to try.) Original music (not featured in the video) was by the fantastic Golden Orb

Is the word ‘video’ destined to disappear from the modern vocabulary? Perhaps I should call this a ‘doofcast’ or something cleverer. Aw, who am I kidding? Let’s stick with video, even if my little sister doesn’t know what they are.



Higgledy Piggledy Golden Goddesses @Subsonic

Admittedly I have been a bit lax due to the usual end of year chaos! But I now promise you I shall be catching up with updates, pictures and videos from December’s antics.

The festival season was well and truly upon us, with Geronimo and myself bring the epic doof, Subsonic Festival a healthy dose of higgledy piggledy burlesque. Why do we call it ‘higgledy piggledy’?

I feel this captures the particularly dodgy and cobbled together cabaret style we bring to festivals. Without the aid of mirrors, showers, sound techs, lighting or staging, being a bit higgledy piggledy aint a bad thing. We probably reached a new high (or low) this time. We were lacking a gold top as part of our costume ensemble, which I’ll admit was due to some poor planning on my part. Fortunately my 8am trip to the Wynyard station mall the morning of the festy yeilded good results. I had started to panic a little when I found both party shops were closed, but then desperately searched a homewares shop and struck gold, literally.

Not only could these be fashioned into half decent golden boob tubes, but they were also on sale, YAY! I did some last minute modifications in the afternoon sun once we reached the campsite.

From this…

To this…TA DA!

We should make our own illicit Martha Stewart show..although she was a bit illicit in her own way I suppose.

Once our thin veneer of glamour was applied, we swanned gracefully into the festival as heads turned our way. Mesmerized doofers followed us to watch our late night set with the dreamy ambient sounds of Golden Orb.

Stay tuned for more tales of cushion covers and sequins.

Say NO: King St Crawl

This is not your typical pub crawl down King St. Its an important demonstration to show the NSW Government that the people of Inner City Sydney are opposed to the Westconnex development.

King St Crawl – 1st Feb, 1pm @ the Hub Newtown

This development has already commenced, despite totally inadequate research or consultation. Even the local council was totally in the dark, hearing about the project when it was announced on National news.

Some other community members also heard about it on the news. This week, 80 families received unapologetic letters that their houses had been selected for compulsory acquisition. Their properties will need to be vacated by the end of the year. This is totally unacceptable.

The project itself has few merits. Other than increasing enormous volumes of traffic and funneling them into the inner west, destroying homes, parks and neighbourhoods, it is difficult to imagine what the benefits will be. Aside from a shitload of $$$ into some fatcat’s pockets.

I’m not usually one for political rants, but this is something happening in my own backyard. It could change my city forever and if we stand together we can stop it.


Sydney Morning Herald

What they say

Further Information

Get involved

Leave feedback

This is far from exhaustive – there’s plenty more research you can do for yourself.

This is my style of protest. At the last demonstration, we dressed as tea ladies and provided free refreshments to the community, while attracting a healthy dose of media coverage.

scones not jams westconnex



More gigs: Sydney & Barrington Tops

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s around the corner!


This weekend catch me at:


Subsonic Festival

Saturday 9.30-10.30pm Village w/ Golden Orb

Riverwood Downs Resort, Barrington Tops

Miss Geronimo and I will mesmerise you with our new Isis wings and gold get-up to the hypnotic ambient beats of local wonders Golden Orb.


More info.


Strange Love

Thursday 11 December 7.30pm onwards

A/C Art Space, Marrickville – Private message the host for the address

This is one of my absolute favourite Marrickville arts nights. They’ve had everything from sea shanties to yodellers. Its always surprising and stimulating with large, warm audiences and lots of cozy couches. I’ll be alongside some fantastic acts, the very interesting experiemental technological artist Pia Van Geldler, and a choir singing Renaissance choral music.

More info:



Reclaim the Streets

Saturday 13 December 1.00pm onwards

Simpson Park, St Peters

I may bring a puppet or two to this inner West stalwart. I even made the fornt and centre of the poster with my umbrella and red flower in my hair!

But this is not only an unmissable street party celebration, but now more important than ever. This event represents a protest against the Westconnex freeway, slated to rip a hole through the inner West as part of a poorly planned, zero consultation NSW government road project.  Paul Mac will be a guest dj along with a host of other talented performers – I guarantee you it will be massive!


Don’t come late as this is a moving party and will not be at Simpson Park for long.

More info:

reclaim the streets westconnex

Underscore Orkestra

Friday 9 January 8.30pm onwards

Annandale Hotel, 17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale


I’m excited to be supporting this awesome gypsy band from the US at the Sydney rock n roll icon, the Annandale Hotel!

Ethical Gifts – My Pick

So Christmas is just around the corner…gasp!!!

Instead of buying your family a bunch of obligatory junk this year, why not consider at least buying some ethical or politically conscious gifts? You can delight your family and help the word at the same time.


Bundarra stock cool leggings and awesome bags! Better yet, they are all depict original artwork designed by indigenous artisans. And they are Aussie made up in Brisvegas. The patterns are creative and vibrant, and the leggings will make awesome doof pants for those of you who are so inclined. Or a unique gift for your cousins overseas.


Made in Peace

Made in Peace is an interesting collaboration between Israeli and Palestinian artisans to promote peace and raise funds for social enterprises on the West Bank. These guys have just launched their website so they need your support! They sell a range of awesome gifts, from organisations such as a shelter in a refugee camp, a Palestinian brewery and  even the Banksy Store (There are a number of well known pieces by Banksy on the separation wall). My pick would be the utterly gorgeous Israeli designed, Palestinian woven dresses.

Naema black dress made in peace

Oz Harvest

Oz Harvest are a fantastic organization who feed the homeless with the perfectly good food others throw away. Sourced from restaurants, law firms and cafes from around the city, the food is as good as it gets.

They also promote more sustainable living through several educational initiatives to reduce food waste in ordinary households. One such initiative is this cookbook, designed to get you thinking creatively about innovative recipes for leftovers, with examples from a host of celebrity chefs. Each book purchase helps deliver 120 meals to the hungry.

I just got one for my Mum and already had a sneak peak! Whipped myself up a quickie tonight in fact. Saved some old bread and a lonely tomato by toasting it up and topping it with sardines from a can. The marinate was the killer, as the combo of vinegar, pepper, garlic, lemon zest and chilli packed a gourmet punch.

Subsonic & Enough Said

Summer is just around the corner and that means its time for swimming in rivers, lying on beaches and camping. It also means I’ll be appearing exotic locations such as charming Wollongong and luscious Barrington Tops.

Enough Said Wollongong

If you’re based down the coast or up for a really pretty train ride, please come and join me at Enough Said on Saturday night. This will be a particularly special one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’ll be supporting Canadian spoken word, beat boxing all star – CR Avery! He is a versatile and virtuosic performer and will be wrapping up his Australian tour shortly.

More importantly, Enough Said founder, spoken word star and all round lovely person Lorin will be leaving the country for greener pastures in the USA, so this will be the LAST ENOUGH SAID!

Enough said, be there.

Saturday 29 November 6.30pm

Studio 19

157 Crown St, Wollongong

$5 / More details.

Subsonic Festival

If you will be doofing at Subsonic Festival this year, come and say hello to Geronimo and I in the Village space. We might be dancing on podiums bedecked in gold or performing some cheeky burlesque in the dark night. There will be snakes, sacred geometry and lots of gold.

We’re also contributing to the fabulous recycled decor by the good folks at Milkcrate Events.

5-7 December

Riverwood Downs Resort, Barrington Tops

More info.

Guys, guys guys! I’ve been getting all around Sydney and seeing everything I can!

But I’ve received feedback that you don’t want to know about all the awesome stuff you’ve missed, you want upcoming dates for your social calendar. Duh!

So this is what’s gonna be red hot in the next couple of weeks.

Candy Royalle & Sloppy Joe

Candy Royalle is a spoken word force of nature, and appears on the stage in a spiked crown like a Mesopotamian queen. This mishmash of powerful performances through spoken word, music, soundscapes, funk, politics and burlesque is a guaranteed sensory experience which will leave you awed and energized. At times angry, frivolous, joyous and melancholy the show is very raw and emotional, taking you on a real journey.

Arrive early to ensure you see the support acts. Lorin & Eunice are two of the most talented and most adorable spoken word artists in this town.

I saw this last week and loved every minute of it. With tour dates around Australia they are bound to only get tighter, louder and more energetic.

See them TONIGHT! In Sydney, or check the website for other tour dates.

Bangarra’s 25th Birthday

The nation’s treasured dance company is turning 25, and are celebrating with a free concert this Sunday! On the Opera House Forecourt at dusk, with Sydney Harbour as a backdrop this promises to be a magical evening. Bangarra touched me with their spirit, power and grace with their last two productions, Patyegarang and Blak. This is certain to do the same. Now they are back from an extensive Australian tour to demonstrate the breadth of their work in this retrospect. They will also be joined by the beloved Deborah Mailman & Christina Anu. Also free!

The event is part of Corroboree Sydney, which finishes on Sunday. There’s loads of interesting events around the city to check out over the weekend. Check their site for full details.

The Follies of the Foolstool Phantom

Its fun! Its silly! Its free! AN unbeatable combination.  This ridiculous puppet show is on every Friday night until Christmas and runs every 15mins from 6.30-10pm. Just wait outside the vacant shopfront next door to the Museum of Contemporary Art on George Street in the Rocks and your spooky host will lead you inside.

There’s a bit of decapitation and some cannibalism, but its very funny and okay for the kids. There’s songs, and puppets and fantastic design! I saw it last week and loved every minute.

You can make a whole night out of it as the Village Bizarre is on and there are pop up markets and loads of free entertainment, including movement artists in shopfronts such as our very own disco diva Natalia Ladyko in ugg boots, a light installation in an alley way, musicians, burlesque and a giant inflatable bunny rabbit. Not to be missed.

More info.

follies of the foolstool phantom

Carlos Andres Gomez

Carlos Andres Gomez is visiting our golden shores only briefly, and Byron & Sydney are the two lucky towns to see him. We folks at Word Travels will be hosting him at the very pretty Sydney Dance Lounge where he will perform a full spoken word set alongside another special guest.

Carlos is a New York based artist of remarkable caliber. You need only watch a few of his videos to come to this conclusion yourself. One of my favourites is his unusual collaboration with Savion Glover!! (If you don’t know who this is – he’s the world’s most famous tap dancer & choreographed Happy Feet)

“Gómez’s performance is part classic artiste and part lyrical prophet. Think Keats, meets Bob Marley meets Tupac Shakur.”
–Searlina Bodden, Caymanian Compass (Cayman Islands)

Carlos is a true rockstar poet. He has appeared in HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry, in Spike Lee’s movie Inside Man, Tedx, the UN and NPR. He has headlined festivals all over the world, including Indonesia, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Canada, the U.K.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, he’s a megababe!!


Carlos plays Sydney Monday 8 December, bookings essential.


Gruesome Playground Injuries & School Holidays

Its school holidays and that means its time for FUN KIDS STUFF!

Pete the Sheep

If you like children’s theatre and are looking for a fun day out with the little ones, I highly, highly recommend Pete the Sheep. With a fantastic cast, show tunes style music and more sheep puns that you can poke your shears at, its probably the best kids show I’ve ever seen.

You can find out more information HERE.

It plays at Parramatta Riverside 27-30 October.

Sydney Opera House Creative Play

Everybody loves Lego. I’m no except and enjoy the odd giant Lego sculpture of the Colosseum, pyramids etc. But for an entirely new Lego experience head down to the Opera House during the holidays for a really cool free interactive Lego installation. Designed to encourage free-form creative expression, kids (and adults) are able to build on Lego people. These are humans wearing suits made from Lego plates that allow you to build on their arms, legs and even heads. Because of the unorthodox set up it is difficult to build traditional structures such as houses so you are forced into thinking laterally and collaborating with the live Lego canvas.

There’s a big count down on the wall behind, so make sure you stick around for the surprise once the timer gets down to zero. Its worth the wait.

10am-4pm daily until 4 October


Lego people at Sydney Opera House

Gruesome Playground Injuries

So where is the violence I promised you?

Gruesome Playground Injuries is an interesting play that has been playing at the Tap Gallery. The stories follows two friends who intermittently meet one another in the hospital following various mishaps, at intervals of several years. It was an original structure and driver for the plot which kept the audience engaged and interested. The time periods were also non linear and the actors did a fantastic job of quickly portraying the characters at different ages and stages of their life with little need for any clunky expositions. The design was minimalist but effective and the whole story was carried on the strength of the actor’s performances and the tight direction. This was not a play full of boring introspection, it was at all  times concerned with lively drama, character exploration and story telling. All in all it was a fun and genuinely

Unfortunately the show had only a short run and closed yesterday. However the company, King’s Collective are new players on the block and will be worth keeping an eye on. Their debut season is an ambitious triptych of plays, dubbed ‘Lepidoptera: An Exploration of Youth.’ The season is part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and features three works by well known American playwrights.


Psyfari Debrief #2 – Kandy Farm Debut

We created a fun new installation for Psyfari festival which was very silly indeed.

Farmer Reese and Shani

Within a white picket fence, amidst hay bales and with a coincidentally good view of the main live music stage, we set up our little farm. Based on a children’s Kindy Farm, we recreated the concept for ravers with human type animals dressed up. Given free reign, our animals chose to be a pig, leopard, bear and goat. As expected, we also has a few punters spontaneously join us along the way and gained a giraffe or two.

Psyfari live music stage

Farmer Shani & Farmer Reese had plenty of Kandy on hand so that you could feed our friendly animals too! If you were gentle and didn’t make any loud noises or sudden movements, they would let you pat them too!

Kandy Farm Psyfari

All in all the response was great. One memorable comment from another festival organiser; “Did anyone hear about/see the domintrix shephard in the pig pen at the second stage at some point on Saturday? … Top dawgie dawg, gold medal shit!”