Next Gigs! Secret Garden & the Last Resort

Upcoming Gigs

Hopefully you already have tickets to the legendary Secret Garden Festival this weekend, because it is well and truly sold out! If you are traipsing around in your animal onesie / stripey pajamas and you catch me on one of the performance stages be sure to come over and say “oh hai!”

Secret Garden Festival

burlesque / puppetry / weird stuff

28 February / various stages / all day


secret garden

For the cheapskates, this one is free, free and conveniently at the Sly Fox on Enmore Road. This is an Entropico party with NO lock outs, NO limits and NO cheese. Entropico parties always go all the way so come prepared for a late one!


Bad Deep: The Last Resort

burlesque / go go dancing

13 March 2015 / 8pm

Sly Fox Hotel /199 Enmore Rd, Sydney


entropico party





AI phone creates Subsonic Video

My new phone is even more intelligent than me these days, so it made this video on its own through no suggestion from myself. My main tweak was to select its pre-set ‘festival’ mode, whatever that means! Its not the most masterful editing and will probably never feature on Rage, but not bad for zero effort.

The video is from our golden Isis wings performance at Subsonic Festival in December last year. (I had planned to edit together something better, but then a I realised I don’t know how, and also am too lazy to try.) Original music (not featured in the video) was by the fantastic Golden Orb

Is the word ‘video’ destined to disappear from the modern vocabulary? Perhaps I should call this a ‘doofcast’ or something cleverer. Aw, who am I kidding? Let’s stick with video, even if my little sister doesn’t know what they are.



Higgledy Piggledy Golden Goddesses @Subsonic

Admittedly I have been a bit lax due to the usual end of year chaos! But I now promise you I shall be catching up with updates, pictures and videos from December’s antics.

The festival season was well and truly upon us, with Geronimo and myself bring the epic doof, Subsonic Festival a healthy dose of higgledy piggledy burlesque. Why do we call it ‘higgledy piggledy’?

I feel this captures the particularly dodgy and cobbled together cabaret style we bring to festivals. Without the aid of mirrors, showers, sound techs, lighting or staging, being a bit higgledy piggledy aint a bad thing. We probably reached a new high (or low) this time. We were lacking a gold top as part of our costume ensemble, which I’ll admit was due to some poor planning on my part. Fortunately my 8am trip to the Wynyard station mall the morning of the festy yeilded good results. I had started to panic a little when I found both party shops were closed, but then desperately searched a homewares shop and struck gold, literally.

Not only could these be fashioned into half decent golden boob tubes, but they were also on sale, YAY! I did some last minute modifications in the afternoon sun once we reached the campsite.

From this…

To this…TA DA!

We should make our own illicit Martha Stewart show..although she was a bit illicit in her own way I suppose.

Once our thin veneer of glamour was applied, we swanned gracefully into the festival as heads turned our way. Mesmerized doofers followed us to watch our late night set with the dreamy ambient sounds of Golden Orb.

Stay tuned for more tales of cushion covers and sequins.

Say NO: King St Crawl

This is not your typical pub crawl down King St. Its an important demonstration to show the NSW Government that the people of Inner City Sydney are opposed to the Westconnex development.

King St Crawl – 1st Feb, 1pm @ the Hub Newtown

This development has already commenced, despite totally inadequate research or consultation. Even the local council was totally in the dark, hearing about the project when it was announced on National news.

Some other community members also heard about it on the news. This week, 80 families received unapologetic letters that their houses had been selected for compulsory acquisition. Their properties will need to be vacated by the end of the year. This is totally unacceptable.

The project itself has few merits. Other than increasing enormous volumes of traffic and funneling them into the inner west, destroying homes, parks and neighbourhoods, it is difficult to imagine what the benefits will be. Aside from a shitload of $$$ into some fatcat’s pockets.

I’m not usually one for political rants, but this is something happening in my own backyard. It could change my city forever and if we stand together we can stop it.


Sydney Morning Herald

What they say

Further Information

Get involved

Leave feedback

This is far from exhaustive – there’s plenty more research you can do for yourself.

This is my style of protest. At the last demonstration, we dressed as tea ladies and provided free refreshments to the community, while attracting a healthy dose of media coverage.

scones not jams westconnex



Subsonic & Enough Said

Summer is just around the corner and that means its time for swimming in rivers, lying on beaches and camping. It also means I’ll be appearing exotic locations such as charming Wollongong and luscious Barrington Tops.

Enough Said Wollongong

If you’re based down the coast or up for a really pretty train ride, please come and join me at Enough Said on Saturday night. This will be a particularly special one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’ll be supporting Canadian spoken word, beat boxing all star – CR Avery! He is a versatile and virtuosic performer and will be wrapping up his Australian tour shortly.

More importantly, Enough Said founder, spoken word star and all round lovely person Lorin will be leaving the country for greener pastures in the USA, so this will be the LAST ENOUGH SAID!

Enough said, be there.

Saturday 29 November 6.30pm

Studio 19

157 Crown St, Wollongong

$5 / More details.

Subsonic Festival

If you will be doofing at Subsonic Festival this year, come and say hello to Geronimo and I in the Village space. We might be dancing on podiums bedecked in gold or performing some cheeky burlesque in the dark night. There will be snakes, sacred geometry and lots of gold.

We’re also contributing to the fabulous recycled decor by the good folks at Milkcrate Events.

5-7 December

Riverwood Downs Resort, Barrington Tops

More info.

Psyfari Debrief #2 – Kandy Farm Debut

We created a fun new installation for Psyfari festival which was very silly indeed.

Farmer Reese and Shani

Within a white picket fence, amidst hay bales and with a coincidentally good view of the main live music stage, we set up our little farm. Based on a children’s Kindy Farm, we recreated the concept for ravers with human type animals dressed up. Given free reign, our animals chose to be a pig, leopard, bear and goat. As expected, we also has a few punters spontaneously join us along the way and gained a giraffe or two.

Psyfari live music stage

Farmer Shani & Farmer Reese had plenty of Kandy on hand so that you could feed our friendly animals too! If you were gentle and didn’t make any loud noises or sudden movements, they would let you pat them too!

Kandy Farm Psyfari

All in all the response was great. One memorable comment from another festival organiser; “Did anyone hear about/see the domintrix shephard in the pig pen at the second stage at some point on Saturday? … Top dawgie dawg, gold medal shit!”


Young Henry’s Sunny Saturday

I was delighted to be resident puppeteer last Saturday at Young Henry’s inaugural Small World Festival. The sun was shining, the gin and tonics were flowing, and native flower bedecked the table settings. Children frolicked amongst fashionable food stalls. Street artists painted while we watched. The music was fun and cheerful, with a parade of showmen gracing the stage. True Vibenation easily took the cake, with matching outfits, synchronized dance moves and a human drum machine earning them top points.

young henrys small world

Admittedly it was a well dressed bunch, and I received a few odd/confused looks as I waltzed through the crowd in my derro outfit and squatted in the gutter to rummage around in my loser bag. (That’s what we call those cheap blue, white and red striped plastic bags). However all was forgiven when who should emerge from the bag but Old Mate, everyone’s favourite talkative trouble maker!

young henrys puppet

His mission was to entertain young and old alike with his fantastic tales, cheer the little ones with his pet pooch and show off his pouch of treasures. (It is with great sadness that I must announce the pouch of genuine treasures was lost on this fateful day.)

Diabolique puppetPhoto: Diabolique

A lovely group of people accosted me and we had a great time exchanging dad jokes. Then they claimed insistently they weren’t hipsters, while moments later taking a Polaroid of Old Mate. The contradiction was palpable.

young henrys polaroid Young Henry’s couldn’t have been blessed with a nicer day or a nicer crowd for their very first festival.  Congratulations to the gang!

Psyfari Debrief #1 Arts Program

Last month I had the great pleasure of programming all the arts content for Psyfari Festival. This festival has been running for about five years in the spectacular Capertee Valley and features a gorgeous array of live and electronic music across three stages, complete with markets, workshops and food. The decor, programming and general vibes all respond to the theme: Steampunk Safari!


But for a truly magical experience in a forested canyon, you need some strange and wonderful art installations.


On the Friday night, people were blown away (and probably a little confused) by Vision & Beyond, a group of design students from Enmore Tafe who flaunted sculptural LED body costumes in a surreal fashion parade through the forest.

The following night we had an equally wonderous performance of a full length 40 minute epic of Beowulf saga, played out with a mixture of shadow puppetry, live action vikings and a terrifying Grendel body puppet, twice the size of human, eerily stomping around anbd complete with detachable arm for added gore during the fight scene.

“From the shadows it came. Half man, half beast, a troll like thing from the sea inlet.  Grendel the Man-Wolf the Death-Shadow, sniffed the scent of man fresh and entered the Kings high hall. Beowulf will transport you back 1400 years to a time of heroes and monsters, where the old world battles the new, as seen through the eyes of Norse mythology.”

The whole performance concluded with screams from the audience as a giant fire breathing dragon, operated by five puppeteers emerged from the darkness to sweep through the audience for the final fight scene. Thanks to Ikara Celebratory Events for making it happen.

Psyfari Beowulf puppet dragon

I programmed Mr Munsell, a contortionist to twist and turn onstage during the winding dub world music electronic fusion of Tijuana Cartel.  Traveling all the way from Melbourne and complete in a skin tight moth costume with glowing eyes, he hypnotized onlookers who may, or may not have imbued substances to enhance the experience.

Psyfari Mr Munsell contortion at Tijuana Cartel

Psyfari Mr Munsell contortion

Psyfari Mr Munsell contortion at Tijuana Cartel

If you wandered down to the Zoolu stage after midnight you would have seen sexy Leish pole dancing to dirty dubstep and drum and base on stage. To fit the animal theme and add a darker element, she used a creepy rubber rabbit mask to hide her face.

To add to the total experience, we also featured a roving LED whip cracker Lightning Storm, light and fire troupe Spynferno, gorgeous tribal belly dancers Undulata and pretty hula hoopist Aleira Moon and fire trickster Razed in Flames.



All pics by AP Photography

Psyfari Performer Applications now open

Just a reminder that applications for performers for Psyfari are now open.

So if you rove, mime, dance or any other kind of strange things, come and hit us up.

We’ll be making decisions in late June – all hidden talents will be considered, especially animalistic ones! Raaaw!


Skyvillage: A New Festival for New Year’s Eve

Last September, a group of friends lamented about the lack of friendly, fun filled options for New Year’s Eve in Sydney. Their skills spanned from music promotion, to catering, marketing and arts management. They decided to do something about it. The result was Skyvillage.

Dec: Creating and performing at the first ever Skyvillage Festival

Skyvillage was a small scale arts festival held on a gorgeous heritage listed site called Scheyville National Park, just one hour from the Sydney CBD. The site is beautiful, surrounded by fields and trees, but also has a remarkable history. Originally a migrant farm, then a socialist community, and finally an army training facility, Scheyville is a rich and interesting place.

Working with National Parks, the other authorities, and incredible team of like minded volunteers, we put on a gorgeous event, with two stages of music, a karaoke tent, Nargile Lounge, teepees, Young Henry’s pop up bar, Papermoose cinema, burlesque, workshops and our infamous Nude Disco. Described as an ‘electrified hoe-down’, the whole shebang was an incredible experience, and we have received an absolute flood of positive feedback.

Nonetheless, there is much that we would like to improve upon for the next big NYE bash, and we want your opinion. If you were at the inaugural Skyvillage and want to help us get bigger & better, please fill in our survey here.

For the image-hungry:

Skyvillage by Day

Skyvillage by Night

Dreadnought Stage and Djs

Latoosh Stage, Bands & Performers

All images are courtesy of the fantastic David Haworth Photography