Next Gigs! Secret Garden & the Last Resort

Upcoming Gigs

Hopefully you already have tickets to the legendary Secret Garden Festival this weekend, because it is well and truly sold out! If you are traipsing around in your animal onesie / stripey pajamas and you catch me on one of the performance stages be sure to come over and say “oh hai!”

Secret Garden Festival

burlesque / puppetry / weird stuff

28 February / various stages / all day


secret garden

For the cheapskates, this one is free, free and conveniently at the Sly Fox on Enmore Road. This is an Entropico party with NO lock outs, NO limits and NO cheese. Entropico parties always go all the way so come prepared for a late one!


Bad Deep: The Last Resort

burlesque / go go dancing

13 March 2015 / 8pm

Sly Fox Hotel /199 Enmore Rd, Sydney


entropico party





Higgledy Piggledy Golden Goddesses @Subsonic

Admittedly I have been a bit lax due to the usual end of year chaos! But I now promise you I shall be catching up with updates, pictures and videos from December’s antics.

The festival season was well and truly upon us, with Geronimo and myself bring the epic doof, Subsonic Festival a healthy dose of higgledy piggledy burlesque. Why do we call it ‘higgledy piggledy’?

I feel this captures the particularly dodgy and cobbled together cabaret style we bring to festivals. Without the aid of mirrors, showers, sound techs, lighting or staging, being a bit higgledy piggledy aint a bad thing. We probably reached a new high (or low) this time. We were lacking a gold top as part of our costume ensemble, which I’ll admit was due to some poor planning on my part. Fortunately my 8am trip to the Wynyard station mall the morning of the festy yeilded good results. I had started to panic a little when I found both party shops were closed, but then desperately searched a homewares shop and struck gold, literally.

Not only could these be fashioned into half decent golden boob tubes, but they were also on sale, YAY! I did some last minute modifications in the afternoon sun once we reached the campsite.

From this…

To this…TA DA!

We should make our own illicit Martha Stewart show..although she was a bit illicit in her own way I suppose.

Once our thin veneer of glamour was applied, we swanned gracefully into the festival as heads turned our way. Mesmerized doofers followed us to watch our late night set with the dreamy ambient sounds of Golden Orb.

Stay tuned for more tales of cushion covers and sequins.

Psyfari Launch Party

Saturday night Manning Bar will become a steam punk safari paradise where all kinds of freaks can dress up and dance as wild as they like. Heralding the Psyfari Festival in August, the launch party hosted by party crew the Noisy Chickens will feature a cocktail of bass and beats, featuring;

  • Kobra Kai
  • Ryanosaurus vs Rumpelstompskin
  • The Bassix
  • Itsu
  • Variant

And my personal favourite, those crazy electrified gypsy junkies, Da Heebie Jeebies!


I’ll be adding to the tropical mix with some messy burlesque, teaming up with Miss Geronimo, and a little musical help from Louis Prima and Harry Belafonte.

Don’t miss it:

Psyfari Launch Party

7pm till late – Saturday 05 April 2014

Manning Bar
Level Two, Manning House

Manning Road

University of Sydney

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April Gig Guide

Hells yeah!

Next weekend I have some sweet new gigs for you, from free fun to freaky folly. Back to back launch parties by some strange coincidence, though each with their own very distinct, tasty flavours. I’ll be doing some puppetry and a bit of burlesque at these two very exciting endeavours!


Friday 04 April 2014 – 6-9pm

Smart Arts Festival Launch Party

Pine Street Creative Arts Centre



With Umbrella Theatre we’ll bring you some seriously paranoid puppets.



Saturday 05 April 2014 – 7pm ’till late

Psyfari Launch Party

I’ll be adding to the tropical mix with some messy burlesque

Manning Bar – Level Two, Manning House

Manning Road, University of Sydney

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Save The Trees Burlesque

I created a second routine for Regrowth Festival’s Saturday night on the Treetop Stage. Inspired by the bush setting, and the presence of some mildly annoying wilderness society charity muggers, I donned a koala suit.

For those now confused readers outside of Australia, let me fill you in. About 10 years ago there was a proliferation of sad looking koalas roaming the streets of Sydney, shaking their buckets of loose change like beggars.

They looked like this:

So I decided to do my take on the whole schebang. The koala suit was uncomfortably warm, but fortunately it didn’t stay on for too long. I’m sure you can guess what happens when you give a little kindness to poor native animals. They’ll show you a little kindness too.

Giving the crowd a little taste tester.

Giving the crowd a little taste tester.


Let's face it, all koala's really want is to get stoned all day anyway!

Let’s face it, all koala’s really want is to get stoned all day anyway!

...And then back to doofing!

…And then back to doofing!


Regrowth Festival Burlesque

I joined a few thousand hippies to dance in the sprinkling rain in Braidwood at the beginning of the month. Amongst the luscious trees the bass boomed and hips gyrated. For the occasion I created two brand new routines, both animal themed to blend in with the wilderness. On the Friday night I was a snake with a taste for hypnotism, all undulating scales and spirals.

1am burlesque on the main stage, but no one's sleepy

1am burlesque on the main stage, but no one’s sleepy

Sexy snake burlesque

Sexy snake burlesque

Enjoying some tea during downtime

Enjoying some tea during downtime

Frolicking and frocks on Saturday morning

Frolicking and frocks on Saturday morning

2013 Wrap Up

Wow! I know we all say it every year, but it’s hard to believe that its the end of January already. After a very full and fulfilling 2013, I feel exhausted already. We certainly were busy! Nonetheless, taking a look back puts a smile on my face.

Mi Corazon Sacred Heart Design

Here is a ‘cheer up’ artwork I sent to my old friend Geronimo whilst she was off in the Philippines. I’ve designed it in the hopes that it will one day be transformed into a tattoo!

Its my take on a sacred heart, mashed up with the rabbit motif that we use in our burlesque routine. ‘Mi corazon’ means ‘my love’ in Spanish, but is also my dearest Geronimo‘s pretty middle name. x

Pen & acrylic on paper

Pen & acrylic on paper

Ms Peggy Taylor

You’ve probably heard of Ms Peggy Taylor, seen her films, heard her platinum records and maybe even watched some of her naughty internet videos. At the beginning of July we were treated to her Australian debut at the Spice Cellar in Martin Place. Though she’s been around the block a couple of times, she possesses a certain timeless charm and has been adored from Paris, to Brussels, to New York to Rio.

burlesque puppetry

puppet cabaret singer

Design: Aesha Henderson

Construction: Aesha Henderson & Lucy Edmonds

Character & Performance: Shani Moffat & Lucy Edmonds

Special thanks to burlesque beauties Mariesa Mae & Penelope Morgan

burlesque puppetry

La Femme Boheme at the Spice Cellar

Burlesque puppetry is finally here!

The talented puppeteers Aesha Henderson & Lucy Edmonds are soon to unveil their latest creation – the fabulous Ms Peggy Taylor. Ms Peggy Taylor will seduce you with her 60s film star sensuality and her infectious humor. She’s a fabulous starlet whose seen far too much glitter, fake smiles and bad romance, you will be taken on a journey of exquisite entertainment.

I’ll be performing as Peggy’s deep husky voice at her debut appearance at La Femme Boheme, at the Spice Cellar this Wednesday 3 July, 7.30pm.

la femme boheme

It’ll be a decadent evening of Moet, tapas, lingerie and burlesque.

Burlesque superstars¬† Penelope Morgan & Mariesa Mae will wow you with their not so hidden talents. There’ll also be a featured pop up store of exclusive discounted Mariesa Mae lingerie should you feel like taking a little piece of glamour home with you.

Props to Backyard Opera for their great write up. You can read all about it here.

See you there for some flirtatious fun. Winks!