2013 Wrap Up

Wow! I know we all say it every year, but it’s hard to believe that its the end of January already. After a very full and fulfilling 2013, I feel exhausted already. We certainly were busy! Nonetheless, taking a look back puts a smile on my face.

Jurassic Lounge Becomes Extinct!








Yeoow! With great sadness, and yet also with great zest, we will be fare-welling Jurassic Lounge TONIGHT. After several fabulous years performing as freaks amongst the dinosaur bones at this iconic event, extinction has caught up with us.

We are honoured to be performing our puppet parable ‘Save Me’ at the LAST EVER Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum.

Jurassic Lounge

6.00pm Tuesday 5 November.

Australian Museum

We had a lot of fun at last month’s event hosting Jurassic Therapy. Old Mate donned a lab coat and posed as a quack, offering shonky treatments, cut price drugs and free breast examinations. Gorgeous hosts Matina & Sam also conducted regular laugh therapy sessions, proven to increase your fertility by 63%. Good fun.

We also featured in the Inner West Courier, Old Mate surrounded by babes as usual.

Source: News Limited


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Jurassic Lounge Extinct Forever

Who are these sexy ladies posing with skeletons in the Wentworth Courier?


Picture: Daniel Aarons Source: NewsLocal

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The usual suspects, Umbrella Theatre back for the LAST EVER Jurassic Lounge!

The Australian Museum has become one of the hottest party venues in the ciyty with such a diverse range of amazing acts, spanning so many genres. We shall be sad to see it go into exintcion. But we are also honoured to be there to see it off with a bang!

See you there Tuesday 5 November 6.30pm

Summer Madness – gigs everywhere!

I’ve been silent for a while and I do apologise – there have been lots of things brewing in the background. And now its time for a big announcement, with so many amazing gigs coming up!


Friday 1 November

The Rocks Village Bizarre 6.45-9.45pm

Playfair Street, the Rocks

I’ll be playing our hapless hero in the Umbrella Theatre favourite, Save Me.


Tuesday 5 November

Jurassic Lounge 6.30-10pm

The Australian Museum

Extinction night at Jurassic Lounge and Umbrella Theatre will bring you our classic choose your own adventure tale – Save Me.

umbrella theatre museum jurassic lounge


Friday 8 November

The Rocks Village Bizarre 6.45-9.45pm

Playfair Street, the Rocks


Sunday 10 November

Bogan Yoga

Vocal Local Village – Newtown Festival – from 9.30am

One night’s brainchild, the LaToosh gang will be conducting a relaxing session of bogan yogan in the morning to kick off the festivities at Newtown Festival.

bogan yoga


The Rocks Village Bizarre

6.45-9.45pm Playfair St, the Rocks

Friday 15 November

Friday 22 November

Friday 29 November


Sunday 1 December

Teatro Matita

Django Bar – 7.30pm

We will be supporting the incredible Slovenian pupeteer and musician! A rare treat!


The Rocks Village Bizarre

6.45-9.45pm Playfair St, the Rocks

Friday 6 December

Friday 13 December

Friday 20 December


31 December

Sky Village – Epic Private NYE party

Voodoo Fondue Party at Jurassic Lounge

We were lucky to be special guests at Jurassic Lounge for their Black Magic night on Tuesday.

voodoo fondue party

As High Priestess Mojo we presented a Voodoo Fondue party. Couldn’t have done it without the help of Gino & Geronimo, who played evil voodoo monkey and priestess for the night.

voodoo bride jurassic

Hundreds of curious people came through the Australian Museum, creating their own edible voodoo dolls and participating in rituals behind the mysterious curtain of the Umbrella Theatre.

edible voodoo doll

Who knows what unspeakable acts took place inside? Sacrificial chocolate dunkings? The ripping of limbs? Cleansing with a primal scream? The Voodoo Fondue party was a truly unique experience!

Check us out on the Jurassic Lounge Instagram

Pine St Press & Jurassic Fun!

A few little morsels of puppety goodness for you. First of all, a nice little write up appeared in Mx Magazine about tomorrow’s gig at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre. Come along and start your Friday night the interesting way! Its a stone’s throw away from such fine establishments as the Rose Hotel and Freda’s.

mx umbrella theatre pine st

Friday 5 April 2013

6.30-9.30pm Pine Street Creative Arts Centre

Smart Art Mini Festival Launch

Umbrella brings you ‘Save Me’, a choose your own adventure puppet tragedy.

In other news I am pleased to announce that we are a late addition to next Tuesday’s Jurassic Lounge program. The theme is ‘black magic’ and sure to titillate, with Battle Burlesque, evil comedy and dark magicians. All in the spectacularly creepy setting of the Australian Museum, full to the brim with dinosaur bones, stuffed birds and skeletons.

Umbrella Theatre will be bringing you a new artistic treat – the Global Voodoo Fondue Party! Make your own edible voodoo doll and ceremoniously drown it, bite it & rip off its limbs, all under the guidance of your very own voodoo high priestess. Should be so much fun!

Tuesday 9 April 2013

5.30-9.30pm Australian Museum

Jurassic Lounge

Umbrella brings you the Global Voodoo Fondue Party – tasty revenge


Umbrella Theatre does Jurassic Lounge

As if September wasn’t full enough all ready, the Umbrella ladies also scored a sweet gig at the Australian Museum‘s Jurassic Lounge.

What is Jurassic Lounge, I hear you ask? Take the Australian Museum, remove the children, open it after dark, add a couple of bars, bands, djs, vjs, workshops and an arts program, ta da! Regular features are Silent Disco in amongst the dinosaurs, bands in the bone room and a burlesque stage.

Umbrella Theatre were invited to participate in the last one of the season, Tuesday 20 September.

I was hosting for Aesha Henderson & Sam Hickey’s super cute new nautical themed puppet show, ‘Captain, My Captain’. We got a sweet spot in the ‘under the sea’ exhibition space. The night went off with over 2,500 people through the doors of the Museum and constant queues for the show!

One Hell of a Crazy Month..

Its a big week for gigs and  its been a big couple of weeks of media coverage for Mystery Bus!

We got a couple of modest mentions in Sydney Morning Herald’s  Spectrum

A feature in the Inner West Courier

An article in Alternative Media

An interview on Eastside FM

An article in Drum Media

and to top it off…

FRONT PAGE of MX last Friday!!

And coming up this week…

(somehow I’m going to try and also fit in some sleep)

Tuesday 20 September

Jurassic Lounge – Australian Museum

I’ll be hosting for Sam Hickey & Aesha Henderson’s new show ‘Captain, My Captain’

Wednesday 28 September 7pm

Poetry Slam

Caravan Slam – Camelot Lounge

The slam collective I’m involved in

Thursday 22 September

Fringe event

Inner West Mystery Bus – Sydney Fringe Festival

I’ll be doing a burlesque routine for this show only!

Friday 23 September

Fringe event

Inner West Mystery Bus – Sydney Fringe Festival

I’ve been busy co-producing this series of secret events!

Sunday 25 September

Fringe event

Inner West Mystery Bus – Sydney Fringe Festival

I’ve been busy co-producing this series of secret events!

Check out the gigs page for more upcoming events