Say NO: King St Crawl

This is not your typical pub crawl down King St. Its an important demonstration to show the NSW Government that the people of Inner City Sydney are opposed to the Westconnex development.

King St Crawl – 1st Feb, 1pm @ the Hub Newtown

This development has already commenced, despite totally inadequate research or consultation. Even the local council was totally in the dark, hearing about the project when it was announced on National news.

Some other community members also heard about it on the news. This week, 80 families received unapologetic letters that their houses had been selected for compulsory acquisition. Their properties will need to be vacated by the end of the year. This is totally unacceptable.

The project itself has few merits. Other than increasing enormous volumes of traffic and funneling them into the inner west, destroying homes, parks and neighbourhoods, it is difficult to imagine what the benefits will be. Aside from a shitload of $$$ into some fatcat’s pockets.

I’m not usually one for political rants, but this is something happening in my own backyard. It could change my city forever and if we stand together we can stop it.


Sydney Morning Herald

What they say

Further Information

Get involved

Leave feedback

This is far from exhaustive – there’s plenty more research you can do for yourself.

This is my style of protest. At the last demonstration, we dressed as tea ladies and provided free refreshments to the community, while attracting a healthy dose of media coverage.

scones not jams westconnex



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